Raspi4 auto logout

I’m running the SatNOGS station software on a RasPi4 with 4GB and using Soapy Server to gain access to a RTL-SDR-V3, which works fine most of the time.

  1. However, occasionally it randomly shuts down with error message saying that the pipe is lost. It closes the SSH connection, logs out and returns to the host prompt. Could someone please explain the contextual meaning and why this happens?
  2. Furthermore, when I shutdown the server (Ctrl-C) when running normally (like at the end of a session) it closes SSH and logs off the RasPi and returns to the host prompt. Is this normal?
    Thanks in advance for comments and advice.

This happens when there is a problem in the network connection as SSH connection can not persist without network.

Yes that sounds normal.

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