Raspberry Pi 5 and SatNOGS compatibility?

will the new Raspberry Pi 5 be compatible with SatNOGS client?

Requirements-wise it should work fine, however without one to test it is difficult to say as it may need some updates.


Hi Fredy, any news about PI5 in the meantime? /Stefan OE6ISP

As far as I know, we haven’t tested yet PI 5.

I found, that the requirement for the pi5 is the bookworm os. Everything that runs on bookworm on pi4 should also run on pi5.

And the current SatNOGS client depends on Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Then at the moment it won’t be possible to run a SatNOGS client on a Pi5


If docker works on rpi5, which I suspect it does, satnogs-client will work as well. Not on the host os itself thou, yet.


Of course, sorry for not mentioning this solution.

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