Raspberry Pi 4 unable to detect RTLSDR after USB change

Due to comments I read on the RTLSDR-Blog website regarding occasional incompatibility with USB 3.0. I decided to move my RTLSDR down to a standard black USB instead of the blue 3.0 USB since I have been having problems with it. Now no matter what I do my system doesn’t detect it. I went over the complete setup: raspi config, client setup, updates with upgrades. No luck. Should the device detect and identify the new location or is there a special fixed location for the SDR once they system is configured?
Any assistance is much appreciated.

Check the log files if the device is recognized when inserted.

List the USB devices connected.

Check if the conflicting modules are blacklisted

Thanks for letting me explore that. I ended up figuring out that I had a (new) - BAD USB extension cable. I used that because I have limited space on the pi. Have to find a different one. Thanks again!

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