I am a complete beginner on this aspect. I just started college and i need some information which i can find even after bring on internet for hours.
The main function of rasberry pi in satnogs is to work as interface between rtl sdr and satnigs network right? rasberry pi is just a computer…can we use a laptop also?
Replacing rasberry pi with laptop…whats the harm in that? laptops are portable, while in rasberry pi we need to carry the mouse keybaord and monitor with it, isnt it better to use laptop?
also, pls can someone explain the mechanism like …The anstenna gets signals from satellite and sends it to rtl sdr connected to rasberrypi/lapto and then it displays the signals on monitor using software…is that correct? how does antenna sends signal to rtl sdr? is sdr connceted to rasberry pi or antenna? how is antemma powered?

Antenna is connected to RTL-SDR via coax cable. RTL-SDR is connected to Raspberry Pi (or laptop) via usb port (the RTL-SDR is a USB dongle).

You can use a laptop, but the installation is requires more manual setup. The whole point of using a Pi is that you set it up once, and then you let it run 24-7 without having to touch it again (typically). If you use a latop, then you essentially lose the value of having a laptop because now the laptop must sit in once place for the duration of your SatNogs participation. Stations are not supposed to be “mobile”, and while some are pursuing mobile stations, it will take a lot of manual upkeep to keep the collected data correct in the network.

By using a Pi, you only need a keyboard and monitor for the first 5 minutes of setup, and then you do everything else with SSH. Your laptop is free to take to classes, leave in your car, do math homework, etc. - while the pi sits back at your apartment (flat, dorm room, etc.) happily collecting satellite data and uploading it to the network automatically.