Ranking others observations

If I schedule an observation on my own station, I would like to rank this observation myself.
So please, do not rank my observations.
Thank you

/Lars SM0TGU owner of station 858

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Hi, Lars,
Thank you for posting.

The truth is that regardless of the fact that someone has ranked the observations of your Station or not, you can still rank them yourself. You can still do so if you wish. No one can deprive you of ranking your Station’s observations. However, this also means that others can contribute to it and they can not be excluded.

That being said, here are some resources regarding that issue: about the Operations Operation - SatNOGS Wiki and the permissions Operation - SatNOGS Wiki.

In addition, you can use the filters that are available to track the observations that you haven’t ranked and you can proceed with the vetting without missing out.

Lastly, do keep in mind that what we are working on as a feature, is to enable multi-vetting in the future; where more than one user will be ranking the same artifact.

Hope this was helpful,




Thank you for feedback.
I think multi-vetting will be a great feature.


Thank you, Lars. Yes, you are absolutely right!