RAMPS 1.4 Board for Satnogs Rotator

Currently building a Satnogs Rotator and wanted to make the electronics from existing parts I had laying around from old 3d printer experiments.

I’ve ported the Satnogs rotator firmware to platform.io to make it easy to install on an Arduino Mega and also changed and tweaked a few things to make it work for the RAMPS 1.4 board that most 3d printers use. Naturally this will only work if your building the stepper version of the rotator.

I haven’t finished building my rotator yet so I can’t vouch for how well this works, and it’s only been tested on my machine, on the bench, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Some other notes on the repo/config:

  • I’m not using microstepping
  • I have a different gear ratio because I bought the wrong pulleys
  • Max speed and acceleration should probably be tuned for your use case
  • Using serial (over USB) rather than RS-485 (in lib/easycomm/easycomm.h replace “Serial.” with “rs485.” to change to RS-485)

These can be configured in src/stepper_motor_controller.cpp file


Hey! Looks like we had a similar idea. I also am working on the rotator right now and wanted to use electronics I already had.

I have the rotator firmware working on an UNO R3 using a CNC shield (A4988 drivers and steppers)

I also changed easycomm to use serial instead of rs485.

I just finished printing my 3D parts and collecting all the materials. I’ll be assembling soon


nice- I have a ramps board or two laying around :slight_smile:

@mwheeler nice! You can make a wiki page to document your work. I think the connections of end-stops and stepper motors are almost the same with this wiring diagram.

Very nice! I need to now find the correct STLs for the stepper motor version as I already have a RAMPS board (and soon a Creality board!) kicking around.

I just picked up my RAMPS board and am looking for info on this. Would you mind sharing the files?

Hey!! Look at the first post ^, RAMPS 1.4 Board for Satnogs Rotator :slight_smile:


I apologize. I was looking on Mobile when I posted that. Thank you!