Radio Control: IC-706MKIIG

Hi -

I’ve used GQRX for the last year controlling GQRX quite successfully, and recently obtained a 706MKIIG. I cannot for the life of me get the rig control to work. rigctl is installed, and I can run it an manually change and query frequency - but that’s it. No luck with having gpredict control it. I start rigctr with:

rigctl -m 311 -r /dev/ttyUSB0

And then start gpredict. The radio is configured as localhost with 4532 port. Not sure how to check if gpredict is actually sending commands or not, but if I keep the terminal window that is running rigctl on top, I see nothing being sent to that terminal.

Any advice? Thanks.


Hi Roy,

You have to start rigctld (with a d) - the rigct daemon, which is the server. It has the same command line syntax as rigctl so you just type

rigctld -m 311 -r /dev/ttyUSB0

In gpredict you probably need to select type “Simplex TRX” which is supposed to mean “half duplex”.


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Thanks for pointing that out - I can’t believe I missed that. I’ll give it a try today.


[edit] SUCCESS! Thank you!

Sounds good Roy. Did you end up using “Simplex TRX”?

Alex, sorry for the late response. Haven’t tried it yet (in detail), as my 706 appears to be unhappy with the SWR of my arrow antenna. Keying up at even the lowest power setting forces the transceiver to shut down. I hope to try again soon.