Question regarding min horizon setting for ground stations

My station 1440 has a ELK 2M/440 log periodic antenna pointing straight upwards with a clear view of the northern sky from West to East. It has good satellite reception from 60 degrees West to 60 degrees East.

If I set the station’s min horizon setting to 60 degrees, no satellites appear in the predicted pass results; not even those passing directly overhead. I must set the horizon to at least 45 degrees to see any results, and those are a subset of feasible satellites (for my station) shown when I set the horizon to 30 degrees.

Is this a bug or a feature?

The SatNOGS Network also has a minimum on the pass length of, I believe, 2 minutes. It may well be that all passes above 60 degrees are shorter than that, and hence not shown. Try reducing your minimum horizon to 50 degrees or lower.