Question about api/telemetry

Dear All

I wrote a software to retreive telemetry from satnogs database. The folowing URL is used :

I receive a set of 25 telemetry data in json format. An extract is given here :


The timestamp value seem not coherent : 2563-11-07T14:55:40Z for me it should be : 2020-11-07T14:55:40Z

Why the year value is 2563 ?

thanks for your help

Hey @XtopheSwl,

Thanks for pointing this out. I have contacted the observer to fix the date for the next frames that will be sent.

At first I thought this was probably a typo or something misconfigured, but discussing this in #satnogs chat channel, @YT2CQ told me that Thai calendar follows the Buddhist Era which is now at the year “2563”.

After I get confirmation from the observer that the issue is fixed I’m going to fix all the timestamps with this issue.

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The issue is should be now fixed.


Thanks a lot. I have tested and it’s OK

I have an other question : How can we retreive telemetry data between two date ?



You can use the start/end filters for example bellow you get all the ISS (25544) frames from 2021-01-01T00:00:00Z to 2021-01-13T00:00:00Z:

PS There is some active work on documentation these days which will make much easier to find your way through the API. Until then feel free to ask here. :slight_smile: