Quartapounds SatNOGS Rotator v3.1


@azisi, I started a wiki page, and @g7kse has done a great job cleaning up the information and digesting it into a concise, easy to read set of instructions for people wanting to use the Arduino UNO/CNC shield system.

I’ve also added a Forked repository with the necessary changes made to the required files (the main sketch, easycomm, and rotator_pin)

Is there a way we can implement this into the main documentation? Still might need some polishing, but it’s in pretty good shape already!

btw, great job @g7kse!! You took that documentation and ran with it


@quartapound, @g7kse nice!!! I put the link of page here.

@quartapound, you can add a the rotator_pins.h with different name, like cnc_shield_rotator_pins.h . Also in easycomm.h , you can use the C preprocessor by adding a definition in stepper_motor_controller.ino to define or not the rs485. Then you can make a merge request to main repository.


Very good Job!



I’ve put a couple of images in the wiki now should it should make sense. I’ll let the dust settle a bit and go back in a few day’s and make sure it still makes sense


@quartapound, as counter-balance weights i use weights that is used for training. Here is a part to mount the weights in to antenna mast.


What changes to the current (3.1+) STLs would I need to build the same machine with NEMA 17 steppers? I have lots of 3D printer building parts and want to use what I have. I think the old ones are gone off the site. I’d be happy to host a set if you have them.


v3.1 BOM

NEMA 17 is what’s called for in the bom. No modifications have been made. The steppers I used are linked above, they are nema 17