Publicly available DVB-S2 VCM/ACM sample streams for testing?

I’m working on a DVB-S2 software receiver and I’d like to be able to test a part of the DSP chain with real-world signals.

Does anyone know of any DVB-S2 sample streams (i.e. digitizer output) available on-line? I’m particularly interested in adaptive/variable coded/modulated (ACM/VCM) streams, with at least one mod-cod switch. It can basically be of any length, raw I+Q streams, VITA 49 or anything similar.

A good simulator would be a distant second choice.

The raw IQs of the satellite observations are offered for some stations, in particular, 771 and 812. And if there is any transmitter using such ACM/VCM stream, it would be possible to schedule observations and analyze the signal raw data.

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Hi Pleira, thanks for the answer! It’s very nice to hear about these raw IQ recording repositories! Looking at reception details of each mission would be quite an arduous task, so I went to the SatNOGS database and reviewed the list of transmitters, took a look at the modulations used and found that there doesn’t seem to be a single transmitter in there using DVB-S2, let alone ACM mode.

Are the IQ repositories you linked to recordings of strict subsets of satellites listed in the SatNOGS database or might there be recordings in there from satellites not listed in the DB? Just so I know if it makes sense for me to trawl the repositories, mission after mission…

The IQ recordings offered in my stations are from satellites listed in the Satnogs database. The IQs are produced for the observations by enabling in the Satnogs client saving the IQ raw input to a file.

That’s a shame, but thanks, nevertheless!


Has anyone used the “TBS” tuner card? Or "DVB-S2X from Newtec?