PSAT-2 Catalog Number


How does the satellite catalog number get updated?

In SatNOGS DB, PSAT-2 has a catalog number of 99969. Many of the websites have assigned 44357 to it. However, in a quick exchange with Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, he stated the catalog number is now 44354.

GPredict has 44357 assigned to the satellite and I thought it received its data from SatNOG DB.

Just curious.


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Regarding a picture, there are two on this page:

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By a core team of SatNOGS people (@fredy, @cgbsat, @BOCTOK-1, @kerel among others) hunting the satellites and trying to match the observed doppler curves (and transmissions) to the ones expected.

It is a complicated process that involves patience, many stations (thankfully we are getting better every day on this!), coordination with teams that want to work with us, coordination with other stakeholders (like T.S.Kelso from Celestrak e.a.). Our tools and processes are getting better by the day, and I expect soon enough to have a more formalized process and team around this really important aspect of satellite operations.

We have been in contact with Bob too, I will let @fredy chime in on the verdict about the Norad ID number (which btw is not the only catalog number for an object)

Gpredict fetches this information from celestrak. It uses SatNOGS DB only for frequency/transmitter information.

Pic is now updated! Thanks!

Thank you for answering!
I am aware of the various designations. I used one for simplicity.

Bob posted on a group the NORAD number 44354 and I asked him if it was a typo. He confirmed it wasn’t. I will be patient!

Thanks for updating the picture! Looks nice!

Okay on GPredict. It is not easy figuring out which data comes from what source.


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Hi @cruelshoes,

In this thread there are all the updates for PSAT-2 and other satellites from that deployment.

For now we are between 44354 and 44355 for PSAT-2, two days ago I checked they were too close to say which one fits better. I’ll check again later today or tomorrow.

Object 44357 was assigned by accident too early, so your GPredict instance has downloaded and connected PSAT-2 with this object. Updating TLE to latest should fix this, if not may need to clear some files.

Bob wrote in AMSAT-BB list:

But it is still unresolved between 44354, 44355 and another one, though we
are pretty sure it is 44354.

If I don’t make a mistake by “another one” means object 44375 which was a fair enough fit when it was published, however today is not and also has been identified as another satellite.

As soon as we have a perfect match with only one object, we are going to change the temporary NORAD ID we currently use.

Let me know if you have any question! :slight_smile:


You all did a great work answering my questions! Thank you! :grinning:
I will end my day soon having learned more about the flow.

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