Proxy configuration

Is it possible to set a proxy-server and port in the satnog software on the raspberry pi?

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It is not supported out of the box in satnogs-setup. You will have to set the proxy env vars http_proxy and https_proxy in various places:

  1. APT configuration
  2. SatNOGS Client service configuration file (`/etc/default/satnogs-client’)
  3. SatNOGS Setup

APT config - you mean access-point right ? So many abbreviations with different meanings :wink:

Thanks for the answer - will try to setup the proxy

APT stands for Advanced Package Tool.

I’ve opened an issue about system-wide proxy settings support.

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BTW, keep in mind that a firewall may prevent system clock synchronization. Raspberry Pis do not have an RTC backup battery and rely on NTP to set the time which cannot be served through a proxy. Correct time is very important for SatNOGS scheduled observations.

P.S. There is an open issue to sync clock using htpdate in cases a firewall prevents NTP use.

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