Propose addition to pass scheduling web page

Warning. Brand new user here, so I might be missing something obvious…

On the pass scheduling web page, you see the sat, the AOS and LOS, but you have no idea if you have listened for this transmitter (or which transmitter on a multi-function sat) in the past, and if you have, did you vet it good or bad.

I would like to propose that when the passes are loaded, your station ‘attempts’ or success or ‘never heard’ on each transmitter is also indicated.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hey @thebaldgeek !

Are you talking about your station scheduling page? (i.e. or the “Observation New” page (i.e. ) ?

The station scheduling page;

The list down the left of the page with the each satellite, include how many times you have listened for that transmitter, which transmitter (TLM or CW or Voice etc) and your good or bad vetting score.
An extra nice thing would be to include the launch date of the satellite, the red/green bar may be mostly red because its a new transmitter and not many people have tried for it.

That could be additional information on the satellite modal that pops up when you click on its name (please file an issue for that, as it would have to come from DB).

This is only true for the first couple of days (if not less) of a new launch since we are aggressively hunting the new launches.

I would like to propose an addition that I actually have an issue open for. :slight_smile:

Adding some way to see if the sat is in sunlight of in eclipse. If I recall pyephem has a function for this.

Happy to file an issue, but under what project would it go?


That would be satnogs-network @thebaldgeek :slight_smile:

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