Proposal for "neighbour satellites"polar plot in the observation page

Hi all
I would like to propose the inclusion of an additional polar plot in the observation page showing the pass of satellites that are in a frequency range visible in the waterfall.

This would help a lot to find whom the signals we see in the watefall belongs to (a part from the wanted one of course)

Should not bee to difficult, we need a filter in the frequency range first (with some margin) and then on the visibility.

What do you think about?

'73 Iw1dgg@Iq1ry


This would be very cool, for sure. Definitely a useful feature.

Thanks @iq1ry for opening this thread, this is something we have discussed several times in irc/matrix, I was almost sure that we had an issue opened for this.

However we didn’t, so I’ve opened one feel free to add any comment there.

From implementation perspective, this sounds simple but it is not that simple. It will need several calculations and keeping the other satellites and their TLEs (for the orbit).

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@fredy, Thanks you!