Project of S-band ground station - beginner

Hello everybody!
I am working on a project which consists in designing an S-band ground station in a DIY spirit. In this way, my colleague and I thought about adapting a SatNOGS ground station for the S-band. Do you think it would be possible to build such a ground station, using a Raspberry Pi, a SDR, connected to a down-converter for the downlink and an up-converter for the uplink? Can we directly apply the SatNOGS manual or do we have to make some modifications!
Thank you very much for your time!


Hey @julie !

Since we already have some stations using S-band on the Network, I would say it is totally possible. I think though that those stations are working with the SDR directly on 2.4 Ghz without a LNB and BUC. For usage of an LNB and BUC there will be some modifications needed on the client side (pinging @surligas to see what are the best options there).

Can you share a bit more details about your setup? Specific SDR? Dish? Feed? Rotator?

Cheers and welcome!

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