Progress on decoded data!

Thanks to a FSK9k6 script from @surligas and some other work in the client and network, I’ve had success tonight in automating the demod, decoding, AND upload of data to network!

Right now it is just the hex data (I need to see whats up with the bin data), but is working nonetheless for FSK9k6 and AFSK9k6 modes. APT modes will upload a decoded image to network as well, but due to a bug in network it will cause that to go 500 ISE (comzeradd knows about this).

Even cooler still, the frames get uploaded as the observation occurs as long as the post_data frequency is more frequent than the observation itself.

Enough of that, on to results:

LO-74, 9 frames (click the Data tab)

UWE-3, 1 frame

LITUANICASAT-2, 2 frames but down in my blind spot below 14 degrees!

more to come tonight!

@surligas technical details I added a paremeter to support --decoded-data-file-path and plugged that in as the destination for the CRC OK hex and CRC OK bin blocks. This matches the expectation in v.4 client for such a paremeter. The files all drop to data_XXX which I’ve patched the client to look for and upload as demoddata per a patch from @Sleepwalker


Great news! Thanks @cshields for the debugging and providing us the IQ data. We are close to finish the CW decoder and ΑFSK1200, so stay tuned!

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