Prod station 34 offline due to hardware issue

Hi, just wanted to share that I’ve taken my ground station 34 offline, I think there’s an issue with the feedline connector, this is the price you pay for using cheap imports I guess. Will be testing repairs back on my old dev station 171 and then switching back to prod


OK station 34 back into production and online, feedlline connector replaced, RF gain increased.

Would be good to provide info in the wiki regarding adjusting the RTL SDR dongle gain settings as it appears to be a mix of guess work and magic to get it working.

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@m6lzt: glad to hear you got your station working again! If you’re able to add info to the wiki about adjusting the gain settings, that would be awesome – even if it’s just the experience you had, it can be a good base for further improvements.


Sounds like a plan. I’ve just started to create a wiki entry for the debugging of using DCU-1 with no elevation. Hope to add these during the break next week.