Problems to configured groundstation

I have several facilities retries and I always get this error …

You need to configure you ground stations ID in the satnogs-setup config

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I have put my api key, and all my ID data, lat, long, etc … but nothing :frowning:

Did you click apply in the main part of the menu?

As that error says right in it. That its because the station id is not set.

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yes… but I think no writer the changes…

in what file are the data stored in order to manually modify it ???

I have no idea but if its not saving your not doing something correct.
Tell me exactly how you are entering this information.

(Also I am not part of the actually main team I am just a fellow station owner)


Thanks for your time… I entering information from: sudo satnogs-setup and Basic menu

after you enter the information what do you do?

I have already solved the problem … thanks to Ruben EA5BZ … I had the error of putting in my ID the name and not the station number … thanks for everything

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