Problems opening rotator controller schematic file

Hi There,

I am having problems opening the satnogs controller schematic file.
Trying both EAGLE and DesignSpark i get the following error:

“Error: line 1, column 1: Start tag expected.”

I am trying to generate a Gerber file to send off to Seeed to get the board and components assembled.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Same problem trying to open the Rotary Encoder schematic file.


@samhltn it is a KiCad project.

Thanks for that.
It seems the .cmp ( parts-to-module assignments) file is not supported by KiCad anymore… What would be the best approach to take to export a gerber file containing the PCB board and component assembly?



Which version our you checking out? The project has been converted to KiCad 5 format on v2.2.