Problem in sending commands to the Rotor controller v2

Dear SATNOGS community,

We are setting up a SATNOGS antenna in Lisbon, Portugal.

We have a lot of the work done, however we are now stuck in the communication between the rPi and the Rotor controller (which is v2):
0. We did the pre-flight check from the wiki and everything seemed ok.

  1. The rotors start and align with the endstops when we reboot arduino.
  2. also, when we reboot the rPi everything seems to load properly.
  3. but then we do: “rotctl -m2” and enter command “p”: we get “Command rejected by the rig”
  4. and when we send a position with “P 10 10” or do “R 1”, nothing happens

We tried sending “w GS” but we’re getting a lot of read_string() stuff, wich we don’t know if is normal.
Can anyone help us out with this?