Priority list with only norads and priorities

I’d like to restrict somewhat satellites that I schedule automatically to those I know yield the best results, current syntax for priorities list is following:

|NORAD priority UUID|

Would it be difficult to make the last part optional and allow autoscheduler to pick something itself?

Hi @michal.drzal,

for the auto-scheduler to be able to pick a transmitter for a selected satellite by itself it needs additional information, e.g. on the previous observation success rate in satnogs-network or a “default transmitter setting” in satnogs-db ([1]).
The satnogs-network API provides these statistics for each transmitter via the apiTransmittersList endpoint, e.g.


        "uuid": "ZJxCeQmih9zDfYNVrB4wRN",
        "stats": {
            "total_count": 23523,
            "unknown_count": 2298,
            "future_count": 2,
            "good_count": 12137,
            "bad_count": 9086,
            "unknown_rate": 9,
            "future_rate": 0,
            "success_rate": 51,
            "bad_rate": 38

A (python) script could retrieve the list of all transmitters for a selected satellite from satnogs-db, then ask for transmitter stats from satnogs-network and then choose the best transmitter based on this data.

If there is interest in this, please open a feature request issue in the auto-scheduler issue tracker (you can also just link this thread there). In case you have other questions you can also chat with us on our matrix/IRC rooms.

Best wishes,

[1]: Defining a default transmitter (overwriting the stats) is a long-standing feature request tracked in satnogs-network#604.


Thanks for the detailed answer, now I better understand why it is that way.

I’ll probably write a simple script that will pull observations from previous two days with any data associated, copy their norads and transmitter IDs and generated priority list that way. I just figured which signals I’m able to detect and want to focus on those.


Note that for the network, and for individual satellite operators, a negative observation can also be useful. That’s why I’ve let my station auto-schedule randomly. And because I’ve been too lazy to do what you suggest :slight_smile: