i already have
satnogs_pre_observation_script: satnogs-post

Can i add add /home/pi/ -f in front of those lines…? (antenna relay switch)
Not seem to work for me
( is executable)
-rwxr-xr-x 1 pi pi 500 Jul 25 02:11
Thank… VE2DSK

A little bit unclear exactly what you have entered. I also think that it’s the correct way of launching the pre-/post-obs scripts, use all available args and just pick the ones you need in the scripts. It’s way easier to grow with that than constantly changing it.
When in satnogs-setup and opened the input for pre observation script: /home/pi/ {{ID}} {{FREQ}} {{TLE}} {{TIMESTAMP}} {{BAUD}} {{SCRIPT_NAME}}

Then, ditch the -f thing with getopts and use the positional instead: freq=${2};

If you want to have several scripts you can use a main script to launch them in sequence, having the same args available like "$@", it too will then have FREQ at position 2, '${2}`

For reference, this is what I use for pre and post to launch a bunch of optional scripts.

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The idea is to insert additional routine to “pre_script” for an A-B antenna relay switch, choosing by frequency call.
The idea come from Antenna Switching project .
So i’ll try more test putting “/home/pi/” in front of arguments. Thank for help.