Power supply for SATNOGS v3.1 rotator

Hi all,

I’m about to start assembling a satnogs rotator v3.1 (wooo finally!) using stepper motors/Arduino Uno R3/CNC Shield V3 (following Quartapounds setup) . The details I can’t seem to locate more information on concern the power supply that will drive the stepper motors:

  • power supply recommendations of make/models?
    – ‘bench’ power supply or something more compact?

  • recommended location of where the power supply gets (permanently) mounted
    – inside the az/el assembly?? too close/RFI issues??
    – maximum distance from the the rotator assembly (could/should I put it inside my radio shack with a 10 meter shielded cable ?)

Apologies if this information is out there and I’ve missed it. My google powers are failing me today.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer

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