Post Observation Script Uploading Data

Hello friends,

So I have a Satnogs station (910) that has been running for some time and my main interest is in the NOAA weather images. What I would like to do is after an observation, upload the generated image to my website gallery.

So I guess my question is of multiple parts. Is the image generated locally on my Pi. Where would that location of the image be, and how would I access that last pass information from the post observation script.

Many Thanks!

Damian / 2E0TXE

The image is generated in your Pi and it is uploaded as soon as the uploading job run. I would suggest instead of trying to grab the file before it is uploaded, to use the observations endpoint of Network API filtered for APT and station 910. The image link it will be in demoddata field if any image was uploaded. The observations are ordered by date, so the first one with demoddata populated would be the last pass.

PS Unfortunately currently the API is not documented and there isn’t an official client for consume it, however we plan soon to release documentation and an API client.