Post Observation Script - Details of Observation?

Is there any way to pass info regarding the finished observation to the post observation script ?

What kind of info would you want there?

@pierros so this is basically my idea:

Background info: I’m one of the founders of BinarySpace (a makerspace in South Africa). We do lots of exhibitions at local schools and universities regarding our projects. The idea is to put down a satnogs system at these schools and our own makerspaces around South Africa.

The basic idea of a satnogs system is awesome, but essentially boring on the outside to a typical student. The idea is to convert a ground station into an educational version. This would entail a normal satnogs system running, but with a touch screen connected. The screen shows the next x amount of possible observations and students, bypassers can choose to schedule an observation (on that specific ground station). The idea is then to show info regarding the upcoming observation. The satnogs does its thing and the screen then displays various info regarding the past observation (waterfall, audio, any decoding done on received data).

You get the idea (if I explained it properly). I’ll do all the code work for the frontend, etc, but essentially need the following:

Get current upcoming observations
Schedule an observation (only on local station)
Know when observation is done and data is available.

So essentially all the post observation script would need is the id of the observation and then a way for me to query the observation db and pull the data I need for the educational frontend. This essentially falls in the space of my other post (API For pass predictions and scheduling observations?).

I believe I can make something fun that the students can enjoy and learn from and in the process get more satnogs around south africa (and spreading the word regarding satnogs).

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I just created this MR which will be relevant here.