Portable Satellite Station

Please forgive me if this is not the place to post this. I am relatively new at this and just learning about Satnogs

We are taking a xcountry trip. I have an IC9700 with a Triband Diamond as a base station for SSB and other terestrial use.

For the trip I have Portable Rotation’s EL AZ Rotor. I have a dual band Arrow but I would like RHCP.

The M2 Leo Pack is not designed to put up and take apart.

The rotor is limited to a 8 lbs limit for the antenna.

Any ideas what is commercially available?

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Hi, If I’ve well understood, you are looking for an UHF/VHF Circular polarized antenna ?
If it’s well the case, I will recommend you this antenna : https://www.wimo.com/en/antennas/vhf-uhf-shf-antennas/stationary-directional-antennas-yagi-x-quad/wimo-x-quad/x-quad-70
It exists in UHF and VHF, it support vertical, horizontal, Rhcp, and Lhcp, is around 1kg and super high quality :wink:

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Thanks. I am familiar it. However, I don’t think it can be put together and taken apart for truly portable use. At least that is what the company told me

I have taken WiMo X-Quads out ‘portable’ before, but yes - it is very time consuming to break it down into parts that can be transported easily.
We ended up just splitting the antenna booms in half and leaving the elements assembled, and we were only able to do this because we were transporting the antennas in a bus!

Unfortunately I’m not aware of a truly ‘portable’ (e.g. can completely break-down the antenna) commercial antenna.

Mark VK5QI

how about a pair of arrows with custom phasing harnesses?

K3RLD I just came across the WRAPS system and there was a sort of update or improvement…as you suggest, two dual band Arrows at 45 degrees with a phasing harness. He also had an LNA with a way of switching from left to right hand circular polarization. I have to see the technical details. It would be nice if there were a commercially available, off the shelf set of phasing cables for the Arrow. I spoke with someone over at Arrow and they don’t have any.