Please observe 2019-038R (norad# 44401) at 435.45 MHz

We received a telemetry frame from long-lost (or so we thought) TTU101 today with two receivers (operated ES5EC and ES5TO) that are currently used for TTU100 downlink. We dont know how frequent the transmissions may be, and #44401 is just a best guess candidate object, but the telemetry could be transmitted at any time and anywhere. TTU101 callsign is ES1ZWS

Telemetry frame payload after AX25 header has this structure (uint16-s are little endian):

typedef struct
u_obc_m, // main OBC power rail volage, mV
u_obc_b, // backup OBC power rail voltage, mV
u_comx, // xband transmitter power rail voltage, mV
u_com, // UHF radio power rail voltage, mV
u_adcs, // ADCS power rail voltage, mV
u_beacon, // backup radio power rail voltage, mV
u_sol, // solar cell power rail (input to EPS) voltage, mV
u_bata, // battery A voltage, mV
i_obc, // main OBC consumed current, mA
u_radsens1, // radiation sensor 1 measured voltage, mV
u_radsens2, // radiation sensor 2 measured voltage, mV
u_radref, // radiation sensor reference measured voltage, mV
com_resets; // COM module power-cycled counter due to unresponsiveness
eps_status, // latest received EPS status (in response to keepalive)
com_checks, // number of pings sent to COM from last reset or response
obcm_checks, // number of pings sent to main OBC since last response
obcb_checks; // number of pings sent to backup OBC since last response
} telemetry_t;


I’ve changed TTU101 to follow 44401 object and scheduled a couple of observations.
Thanks @mast for letting us know, and thanks to @PE0SAT that brought this thread in my attention.

Last 10 passes from my station show no signals (the line is the expected doppler curve)

I will keep monitoring though

Some observations have been scheduled. More will be scheduled the next days, we are tracking this request in If there are any details please add them as a comment inside that issue.