PlantSat frequency issue

Scheduling PlantSat observations shows the frequency as " 0.437 MHz" and as result, 0 stations can schedule.

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 20-36-01 SatNOGS Network - New Observation

Yet in SatNOGS DB the transmitter frequency appears to be correct.

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 20-31-25 SatNOGS DB - PlantSat

Not sure what the exact issue is but if the LSF Core team can look when a moment presents, it would be much appreciated. :Thank you thank you. +1:

Scott (MAUSyagi)

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Hey Scott @satcolintel5 !

It seems that three trailing “0” are missing in the transmitter information. Thankfully SatNOGS DB is a crowdsourced project that everyone can suggest edits (with citations) and moderators would review them!

Once you are logged in, here is how you suggest an edit:


[Edit - corrected for thanks to @pierros !]

@pierros Ah, trailing 0’s, I missed that. Edit/suggestion submitted for PlantSat in DB. Thanks!