Persitent not working webinface since update

Hi all,

after updating the satnogs client on two rpi3 machines today the webinterface is not responding anymore (no connect possibele to the tcp port 5000). Logfile is not showing the reason and multiple attempts of updates didn’t show some issues.

Version on satnogs-client is: SatNOGS client configuration | Installed: satnogs-client-ansible-201912112236, satnogs-client-1.0, gr-satnogs-1.5

Any idea where to dig for the cause? tnx for helping in advance
br Robert

The 1.0 update removed it. See It's time to upgrade the software of your stations

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oh bummer, was not aware of this change!
Would be great to see a downgrade button in the satnogs-setup since the webinterface have been handy for local raids…

thnx 4 info, br Robert