Performance optimization on SatNOGS Network

There has being an effort to improve performance on SatNOGS Network lately. Some of this work has already landed on the site so you may have noticed that a few page are not so sluggish any more.

The performance optimization are not only related to the backend, but also to the frontend. Some assumption and design decisions we have made in the past were not that wise and we need to change them. Unfortunately, this means that the UI will be affected as well. Pages which heavily burden the backend during loading need to be redesigned (e.g. station page runs the future passes algorithm on load) and link-bombs (e.g. open multiple pages at once in tabs) need to be removed.

If you suddenly see changes in the UI, don’t be surprised. We are following agile development principles so changes land on the site frequently and of course nothing is final but constantly evolving. If you find any UI change extremely bothersome, please leave your feedback here so we can have a talk on how to improve it.



I just noticed the “Calculate Future Passes” and I couldn’t be more glad about it. Ever since starting with Satnogs I always thought how those automatic pass calculations must be heavy on the backend, so congrats on implementing this change!


Those link bombs are pretty handy from an end-user perspective though…