PCB Wiring - Fuse

In the pictures shown on the rotator controller wiki it appears that a fuse holder was used and a wire placed in the holder to create a connection.

  1. Is this assumption correct? I can’t find any reference to it other than a blue arrow pointing to the fuse holder with no text.
  2. What fuse should be placed in there? I believe my team found an older BOM from GitHub because we ordered the 1206SFS200F/63-2 which won’t fit that gap.

See our PCB in question below. This is wired for RS485 without R19 currently. We also have a UART PCB.

You fabricate this board from master branch in gitlab. The released board placed in tags section.

In this commit the fuse holder changed.
The old one is Keystone Electronics - P/N: 3557-10. If you using 48VDC@1A power supply
use a fuse with the same specs of 1206SFS200F/63-2.

Take a look in wiki.

Also when you try to flash the board use different header file rotator_pins.h as referred in wiki


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@azisi Thanks for the help! I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

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We found a fuse that would fit the gap, using the same specs as 1206SFS200F/63-2. We used 486-6916-ND. We placed this fuse on our UART board but left the RS485 board unchanged.

We used the RS485 board to test the power and are having some issues. I’ll put it in a new post.

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