PCB source recommentations

Curious where people have successfully sourced the PCBs? I was testing the gerber files with seeedstudio and the drill holes did not show… Will likely order a batch from dirtypcbs but I’m just as nervous there if the files don’t load.

They support taking the .brd files directly, but suggesting that route only be used if made with < Eagle 7


just ordered a batch from dirtypcbs, they seemed to get everything loaded right. Will report back when I have the boards…

We also tried successfully on OSHPark. Let us know how the DirtyPCBs worked out :slight_smile:

we changed the gerber files and now the drill holes appeared. We used the .CAM file from seeedstudio and we changed in DrillsHoles tab the output device to HEXELON_24 (Precision too high (usually 2:5))

I am also getting my board made by dirtyPCB. They were shipped a week or so ago so I’ll also let everyone know how they went.

Got the dirtypcbs yesterday, after DHL sent them around the world twice.

They look real good. Haven’t started soldering anything up yet but they meet the eyeball quality test.


I got some red boards from DirtyPCBs as well! They look pretty good!

Is there an particular reason that the PSU and major board are seperated into two boards instead of one?

It was done for flexibility and modularity on the design. Moving forward we might have to make everything more compact and ready out-of-the-box (plug and play poe, single board etc) Any takers on R&D for such design? :smile:

I will probably look into updating the design to combine both.

However, the PCBs have the highest price difference between protoype and batch manufacturing (I would assume around 400%) and it would make sense to order bigger batches and distribute them. Would you guys in Athens be willing to go ahead and order/distribute a batch of those?

I’ve never had any problem with Seeed PCB fabrication, their Gerber Viewer is great, submitted Gerbers to Fusion and the viewer correctly showed the layers.

Just to throw this out there, I hear oshpark is good for small batches as well.