PCB Howto Guide

Hi All,
I am looking at building a satnogs system for the first time but I don’t have any real electronics skills. I see there are good guides for building the rotator and antenna. However, I don’t see any good guides for building the PCB e.g. soldering the parts once it has been made. Are there any such guides for a newbie?

Thank you! :smile:

Are you looking to make the PCB’s yourself or just buy a ready made one?

There’s are a few guides on youtube for basic soldering techniques (try this). Most of the parts can be bought as ready made modules (motor controllers for example) so all you need to do is solder a few headers onto boards which is much less worrying.

Basic rules that work for me are:

  1. Get a good iron - I have a Weller one that’s been with me for 25 years. Whilst its not the best in the world its perfectly adequate. I prefer a small tip.
  2. lead free solder. I prefer thin stuff.
  3. Keep the tip clean ( I use one of these but didn’t get it from here)
  4. Use an extractor (I found a laser cut one one eBay for a fiver but they’re no longer on there)
  5. Practice

hope that helps