PCB Complete Newbie Guide

Hello all!

I am currently trying to build a ground station, and I am struggling with the PCB side of electronics. I have already downloaded KiCad and parsed through the files. I have all the required skills in terms of soldering and such, but I do have a few questions.

Fist off, where can I see a parts list? I want to know what I need to buy exactly, besides the PCBs themselves.

Second, is there any preferred practice in terms of placing the components? By this, I mean that I will probably just look at the SCH file and puzzle it out. Not sure if that’s ideal.

And finally, is there any advice for first time PCB people like me?

Thank you very much for your help! I look forward to contributing to this community in any way I can!!

I’m pretty sure the parts are on the sch files. At least that’s where I took mine from

I’m always a fan of dirtypcbs.com. they’re a board Fab shop that are cheap, the only downside is you end up with 10 boards. Much easier than dabbing your own