PCB Antennas for 1700 to 2400 MHz

Hi guys, I am working on rugged PCB antennas for the 1700 to 2400 MHz band and received a batch of ten from Hong Kong if anyone is interested: Wide Band Aerial For 1700 to 2400 MHz, M1 - M6 Band

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Hi there,
I could well be interested in buying three from you, if available, or just one, if not.
It could well suit a project Iā€™m working on. Please let me know? And the cost, of course?
Thanks and regards.

Hobby users can buy one or two (or three!) at cost, for 30 Euro each plus shipping - about another 30 Euro for courier charges.

Business users can buy the KiCAD design files for 3000 Euro, customize it, change the mounting holes, all without involving me and go make as many as you want.

Invoicing and payment is through Paypal.