OZ9AEC-VHF1 in JO55um


After 3 weeks of development and testing we made my first SatNOGS ground station available to the network. Basically still just a test setup with limited field of view but it works very well and produces good data.

Some specs:

  • Turnstile antenna for 137 MHz (best view SE/E/NE)
  • Airspy One connected to Up-board
  • APT, FM, CW and BPSK1k2 modes (others will be added later)

NB: It runs some experimental SDR code and the generated audio and waterfall may differ from other stations.

Observation 9889: ISS (ZARYA) (25544)

Awesome build @csete ! Welcome onboard :wink:

Re: the custom SDR software you have, I guess we should be really careful on API adjustments on network moving forward and not always assume that all people are running satnogs-client


I am running satnogs-client, just modified it to execute custom SDR application instead of the gnuradio flowgraph. So it is mostly the interface between satnogs-client and gnuradio that can affect me. Of course it can still break but that’s a risk we have to live with as long as the API is a work progress :slight_smile:

I started 3 weeks ago using satnogs-client HEAD. I will be rebasing my changes on current HEAD and keep it up to date. Currently it is necessary to change the client because the gnuradio command line arguments are in the code. I think it can be changed later so that the only place to change is the config file, then it will be easy to plug and play with different SDR.


@csete that is great! In that case we would probably need to make satnogs-client to gnuradio interface more generic and configurable. @Acinonyx ^ ?


I have added FM demodulator to my receiver so now it can receive APRS packets from the ISS :slight_smile:


Nice!! Did you try posting them back on the observation through the network API?


Not yet. As I recall direwolf does not produce a usable format, so it will have to be post processed. I thought of letting direwolf post it to an APRS gateway though so that the spots would appear on http://aprs.fi :grin: