OT? My station is in maintanace now


My station is temporarily off. Reason: Burned up preamps.


Just trying a different preamp… We’ll see.

@satnogs: Don’t use my station for a few days. It must be taken offline due to technical probs I have to solve 1st…

Thank you,

Since maybe all not people check as often as others the community forums I would suggest you change the status of your station.

It’s for one person only that schedules my station all the time :wink:



Hey @DE8MSH,

Thanks for letting us know, @BOCTOK-1 is now informed about your request.

For future reference… there are three modes for a station, online, offline and testing (you can change to that through station’s preferences). The observation team (and later the automated script) looks this status in order to schedule an observation.

So, online mode means station is ready for scheduling. Testing mode, if not asked otherwise, means station is ready for scheduling only for the owner and in very special occasions for observation team too. Finally offline mode means don’t schedule anything at all.

Usually after some failed observations in a row observation team stops scheduling and try to contact the owner. The plan is to improve and automate this process in order to have quicker actions and fewer failed observations.