OrbiCraft-Zorkiy - SSTV event

Nothing but normal data packets on the pass just ending over the U.S. 1615utc 13-Apr.

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Anyone receive data from X-band ? ?

Dear radio amateurs! We invite you to be discovered in the SSTV award program with the OrbiCraft-Zorkiy satellite!

Broadcast start: 00.00 UTC May 7, 2023

Broadcast finish: 00.00 UTC May 13, 2023

Spacecraft: OrbiCraft-Zorkiy

Callsign: RS15S

NORAD ID: 47960

Frequency: 437.850

Conditions: within 6 days, the satellite will broadcast 6 (six) different images in Robot 72 mode. To receive a diploma, at least 3 (three) of any images must be received and decoded. Each image must be received at least 70% and have an acceptable quality, the logo and call sign of the satellite must be distinguishable.

For image decoding, it is recommended to use RX-SSTV or Robot36 software. Received images must be in their original state and resolution.

Applying for a Diploma

The diploma application is sent by email. mail radioamateur@sputnix.ru and should contain:

  • Full name
  • Call sign (if available, if not, indicate “no callsign”)
  • Date and time (UTC) of each image received
  • City and country
  • Return address for sending a paper version of the diploma (or a note that the diploma can be sent electronically)
  • Type of hardware and software used
  • Accepted Images

Applications will be accepted during the program (May 7-12), as well as a day after the end of the broadcast - until 00.00 UTC on May 14, 2023.

We draw your attention to the fact that the submission of applications means the adoption of a decision on the processing of personal data in it.

Diplomas will be sent within 30 days after the deadline for accepting applications, delivery to recipients will depend on the speed of postal services :slight_smile:

Detailed information about receiving signals from the OrbiCraft-Zorkiy satellite is located at the links:

P.S. For those who accepted all 6 images in good quality, there will be special prizes :wink:

We wish you all good luck!



About Xband. Right now we are turning it on only over our ground station. But we are going to start some test transmissions based on radio amateurs locations. We will gather some information about time, software/hardware to decide where and when to turn it on.

Hope we will post info and applications form later, after end of SSTV transmissions.


Hi, I’m very interested in trying the X/Ku downlink with my tracking system. Approximately what is the downlink power and what is your recommended antenna size etc? If it TX’s over me I will acquire it!


Paul M0EYT
@UHF_Satcom. station 91


@sputnix same over here, I’m more or less capable of Ku/10Ghz. X not so much, it’s really expensive…

@pjm you have a 3 meter antenna, antenna size should be the least of your worries haha :rofl:

Due to the critical battery situation, broadcasting is suspended until the situation is clarified and the satellite is restored. Broadcasting may continue on May 13, we will keep you informed!


thanks for the update.

Looking forward. Diploma updated??

Dear friends, update on OrbiCraft-Zorkiy:
Broadcasting is postponed for a week. As you can see, the voltage takes longer to recover than it drops, so we want to give the device to reach its regular performance and then broadcast the two days promised by the program. The preliminary plan is May 20 and 21. We leave the same interval of 4 minutes, most likely one day will be the first set of pictures, one day - the second. Updated information on deadlines and diplomas will soon appear on our website sputnix.ru


Dear friends, at 00.01 UTC on May 20, we resume SSTV broadcasting on the OrbiCraft-Zorkiy satellite🛰️
Thank you all for waiting!
The interval is the same - 4 minutes, on Saturday we broadcast the first batch of 3 pictures, on Sunday - the second one.
Applications for diplomas are accepted until 00.01 UTC May 23.


We have finished broadcasting SSTV from Zorkiy and are closing the program due to another battery drain.
The satellite goes to little rest and charging)
Many thanks to everyone for their participation, help, assistance, we are waiting for your applications until 00.01 UTC on May 23.
We hope this is not the last event, to everyone whom we somehow brought inconvenience - we apologize on behalf of the team. We will try to fix it. If you have any suggestions, comments, please send to radioamateur@sputnix.ru
We wish you all success and all the best! :artificial_satellite::satellite:


Hi, i have submitted on time my received images with all required details to the email mentioned above but didn’t get any reply… !? Other hams already got their diploma, so i am just wondering if you got my application…?

Dear Team Sputnix. Im also already submitted 3 SSTV images with all required detail the email mentioned above, but i didn’t receive a reply email. Please check it.
Thank you
de YD9CKH ( jutahariadi.29@gmail.com)

Dear OrbiCraft-Zorkiy team.

I have sent two times my email with 6 received pictures and my request for the offered award, but at the moment, I get no answer. Could you please check if you have received my emails?

Best 73 de David EA4SG

Dear OrbiCraft-Zorkiy team.

Can you please check if you received my award requests with 6 of the received pictures during the Orbicraft-Zorkiy? Nothing received from you yet.

Emails sent to you on 9th may, 21th may and 10th june

Thanks and 73 de David EA4SG

Deeply sorry, we revised the requests and did not find your email using the callsign, could you give your email or resend the request to radioamateur@sputnix.ru?

Hi YD9CKH ! Replied via email earllier today, sent the email version of the diploma, because it seems that postal service lost our sending :frowning:

Hi EA4SG! Replied via email earllier today, sent the email version of the diploma, because it seems that postal service lost our sending :frowning:

For those who have requested but not received the paper versions of diplomas, please, request the radioamateur@sputnix.ru for e-versions, because we now see that the sendings via the postal service eather lost, or stuck in the customs of your country.
It is a bit sad, but we are ready to smooth the situation a little bit by sending the e-versions and inviting to our next activities)

And sorry for long absense here, after the last launch we were deep in the routine work, will try to be in contact on all our platforms!
73, 88!

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