Opening angle for the SatNOGS broadcast cone?

Can you please inform me what is the opening angle for the SatNOGS broadcast cone?

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Note: To be more clear , the opening angle is θ in the image below

Depends on the antenna used. For some of our antennas this is ~15-20 degrees for each direction (V-H).

If you take the tracker movement into account on top of that, then it is beyond 180 degrees. (essentially the whole hemisphere)

I just need it to figure out how many of them we need to cover LEO :wink:

Your main concern (and variable) would then be the minimum satellite altitude you are going for. I suggest 300km (thus we have the majority of items covered)


According to wikipedia LEO starts from 160km up to 2000km, so 300km will be ok.
Btw, I am trying to set a linear program (which would take into consideration lots of constraints) so as to minimize overlapping areas between stations and then decide on the possible locations.

Great @papachristoum ! Let us know when you have something we can see :smile: