Open source rocket projects

Are there any open source rocketry projects within the Libre Space Foundation? If not, why? I see many student projects building rockets but it looks like because of the Base 11 Space Challenge where $1 million is due to end of 2020 everybody is currently keeping their projects closed source. Any opinions on this?

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There are is a student rocket project sponsored by Libre Space Foundation


Nice. That is hybrid engine, right? I am rather interested in liquid engine. Really looks like the teams keep it closed because of the Base 11 prize money.

The only reason we haven’t started a project for it yet is that no one with the time and experience has stepped up to lead such an effort.

Personally i could see the experience of the Cronos project leading up to a liquid engine design, since a lot of the much needed side-projects, setups, control, testing equipment and GSE are almost the same.

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Well why not try to 3D print whole liquid propellant rocket - engine from metal and body from plastics? Engine is doable as many such have flown already. FDM body could be a nice project - i don’t really see a reason why that shouldn’t work. Just need to make sure it is water tight and can hold slight overpressure? Relativity Space do body from metal. I think plastics could work too.