.ogg files processing

I am an newbie in satellite signal reception.
I have setup and operate the Daedalus(3234) VHF/UHF ground station and I have some successful observations.
But I’m lost on how to process *.ogg files so as to retrieve the data which sent by satellite.
I think that first step is to convert ogg file to hex data, this from what i understand is done by using GNUradio with gr-soapy? or not?
At the moment I am stuck on how to install gr-soapy.
I am trying to install this on ubuntu 18.04. I installed all dependencies, but I have the fault that “FindSoapySDR.cmake” is mission when I trying to build gr-soapy.
Because last days I’m lost in tutorials on how to figure out how to extract the data from ogg files. Is there any step by step tutorial on installation and data extraction?
Thanks in advance, any help would be valuable.

Just to be clear there are two ways for getting demodulated (and sometimes decoded) data from an observation.

  1. The first is when the SatNOGS Client that runs locally in your station. When the observation is performed the IQ data go through GNU Radio scripts (gr-satnogs and satnogs flowgraphs) which generate artifacts and more specific the waterfall (image and data if enabled), the ogg audio, IQ file if enabled and demodulated/decoded data. These data are uploaded in the Network and you should be able to see them in Data tab in observation page.

  2. The second way is the manual one where you get either the IQ file or the ogg file (lossy compression of part of the IQ file) and you run it through other demodulators/decoders like direwolf or gr-satellites GNU Radio scripts.

For the second, people here will guide you how to do it, but you can also search the forum. Searching with sox (the command that generates wav file from ogg) will give you some results. For example: Downloaded ogg files - #5 by vk5qi