Obtaining access to the “Scratchpad - New Users” folder to build dashboard

Dear SatNOGS community,

I am writing to request access to design a dashboard for our satellite mission ground station Our Website as we take our first steps toward joining the SatNOGS community. We believe that designing a dashboard will help us better understand our ground station performance and improve our satellite data collection.

We are excited to be joining the SatNOGS community and believe that our project aligns well with the community’s goals of democratizing access to satellite data and promoting open-source technology. Our dashboard design will be open source and will be shared with the community to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.

To complete our dashboard design, we will need access to the Scratchpad folder New User

We believe that our project will benefit the SatNOGS community and are happy to answer any questions or provide additional information as needed. Thank you for considering our request.

Best regards,

Azhan Kamil


Hi @azhan.kamil and welcome to the community!

About the permissions, in order to give you and your team members edit permission you need to log in at least once in the dashboards site. The credentials are the same with the one you used for the forum here. When you login let me know with a pm here and I’ll give the permissions you need, the same for the rest of your team members.

About the dashboard you want to build, correct me if I’m wrong, you want to build a dashboard for your satellite, right? If yes, then we may need to partially integrate your satellite in SatNOGS (initially on the dev environment where you can experiment) and make its data available for the grafana dashboards.

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Great news! I’ve already logged in and confirmed that we would like to build a dashboard for our satellite. As we’re currently in the testing phase, integrating our satellite with SatNOGS would be extremely beneficial for us.

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I’ve given you the permissions, you should be able to create/edit/copy dashboards.

What frequency are you going to use for the satellite? Will it be radio amateur? If yes have you applied for frequency coordination with IARU?

I’ll post here later today a detailed post with what is needed for SatNOGS integration.

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