Observations web site slow, no audio and few decodes

I am experiencing erratic behaviour of scheduled observations displayed through network website, viz:
Very slow and staggering loading of waterfall, audio frequently showing error message saying:
Something went wrong, try again later.
If the problem persists, please contact an administrator.
and very few decodes.
Is it my station (which has not recently changed), or the network website causing this?

Hello, every once in awhile my station does this with multiple slow and or failed passes. When I notice this I have to log into the pi and do a sudo reboot. This seems to fix the issue for some months, until it happens again. Hopefully this helps and or someone else can add to this. Enjoy the season :grin:

On the slow waterfall loading could you give some examples and how much time does to load, so we can check?

On the audio loading and the message “Something went… an administrator”, please point us to them, all the audio files should be accessible, so we need to investigate what’s going wrong.

The few decodes could be either low SNR on your station or not good performance of the existing demodulator. Maybe if you can provide some examples we can see if the the few demodulated data are indeed few or it is normal.

Thanks for the responses @vi3wroy4l and @fredy
The loading of many, but not all, waterfalls can take approx’ 3 to 10 seconds. Some are quite normal.
Here is a small sample list of many observations that gave staggered waterfalls (some with signals) and all with audio error messages, most with no decodes:
The SNR of my station is far from optimum due to limited antenna efficiency, but I’ve had many better decodes than these. And the station is unchanged over the past weeks.
Hope this info’ is useful.

Following on from my previous posting, I scheduled another set of observations last night and they all failed to produce any audio. Although some produced good decodes from clear signals. Here are two examples: 5147368 and 5147374.
Interestingly, the waterfall load times were all normal ~under 2 seconds.
I had rebooted the RPi4 prior to scheduling this batch of observations, and so @vi3wroy4l comments were probably correct.
I would still like to know why no audio?

Here, i’ve audio with Google Chrome

That is interesting @michel Thanks for the tip-off.
I predominantly use Apple Safari as my browser, but I’ve just revisited these same passes with the FireFox browser and the audio is all there! Strange.
So what has changed? My Mac has not, and there haven’t been any recent updates applied.
I will continue using FireFox and see what transpires.