Observations decoded data upload to dB?

Anybody has an idea if decoded data from observations done by satnogs groundstations are uploaded to the dB? I don’t think so because there is no callsign(name)/location code defined for a GS?

We have implemented this functionality and it is under testing in network-dev and db-dev. It’s going to be deployed in production soon, after finishing with some changes in db and network code.

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Great work and maybe not as easy as it looks

Yes, the name of your ground station will show up (as well as the grid square). For instance, here is a packet in db-dev that was sourced from network-dev, originating by https://network-dev.satnogs.org/stations/108/ (you’ll notice the source is not “sids” but rather “network” in this case)

    "norad_cat_id": 43017,
    "transmitter": "",
    "source": "network",
    "schema": "",
    "decoded": "",
    "frame": "AA0038A90720FF6FDB80ED8ED6888E036B88FFBFDCC9CDDBC1CDDB6FA8866718875AC885A0FFFF0D4C8C8E9894CD92ABA5AAA505A0CE3D00008814000D570628",
    "observer": "SR1GEO_DEV01-JO73mi",
    "timestamp": "2018-09-15T11:02:37Z"