Observation starting before AOS and Ending before LOS

I apreciate several times that observations starts before AOS and ends when satellite is still well received.
Clearly seen here: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/2332864/

What can I do?


It appears that you do not have good reception of the satellite as it pops up over the horizon. Similarly, it seems that you have very good reception below your station’s “minimum horizion”. The solution for the second part is to reduce the minimum horizon of the station. I don’t think there is any way to fix the first part, for now.

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So just to clarify this a bit more:

Your station probably doesn’t have a uniform radio horizon in all directions. From the results of this particular observation, my guess would be that your horizon is somewhat obstructed to the south, but is clearer to the north.

Given you are using a QFH which has a pretty hemispherical pattern, setting the horizon to 0 is probably the best option (which it looks like you have done?).

Also, just as another point, i can see that you have your SATNOGS_ANTENNA setting (in satnogs-setup) set to QFH. This field is not the antenna type you are using, but rather the name of the antenna port on your SDR. In the case of the RTLSDR, the only available port is named ‘RX’.

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Ok. I’ve done it.

Just another question, Why is it working fine with that antenna name?

Not sure! Possibly because there’s only one valid option for that SDR anyway. The software might default to that if the supplied antenna name is invalid.

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