Observation 988651: NOAA 9 (15427)

I just made my first ever observation! I’m so happy it worked special thanks to @fredy for helping me out! By the way is this observation successful? I can’t really tell…
Regarding Observation 988651



Two next steps:

  1. Find the gain that gives you the best SNR (signal noise ratio), this will help you to receive satellites better and decode them.
  2. Please take a look on how we currently vet observations on this guide. For example the observation you linked has signal of the satellite so it is vetted as good.
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Thanks for the help with vetting!
How do I adjust gain?

If you have the RTL-SDR in satnogs-setup you need to go to advanced settings and change the RF Gain.

Just have in mind that for RTL-SDR you need specific values for the gain, you can find them in https://wiki.satnogs.org/SatNOGS_Client_Ansible#Advanced_Setup

PS Don’t forget to hit Apply after any change in satnogs-setup

Ok thanks, I have been following the hackspace tutorial and I don’t think they mentioned that.