Observation 9684546: FORMOSAT 7-4 (44350)

Regarding Observation 9684546

why the data is not available

Because the satellite will be in your aria later this afternoon. See Time-frame, from 16:29 to 16:34 UTC.
The time now is 09:51 UTC…

As Cristian said, this is due to the obs being in the future, hovering the mouse over it conveniently shows the time difference:

why the data result that i get looks like this

and why the status always pending when i do some testing

how long to demoted the data

I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish here. Scheduling some ISS APRS on different stations and expecting some data ? It looks like ISS is not transmitting there at the moment (or that station cannot receive it). If there was any frames/packets/data demodulated, it is usually uploaded within 2min, if there is none it will just not show any (waiting for demoded data always shows if there’s 0 data available).

It looks like that this wording confusing people, I think we have an pending issue for change it.

@nhanifah13 as @SA2KNG noted, if there are no data from an observation then the text is that the observation waits for data. Sometimes stations upload data some minutes before or after the end of observation. I would safely said that if no data have been uploaded after 20min, don’t expect any to show up.

Also you had vetted 9689858 observation’s waterfall that had visible signal from the satellite, but there isn’t any there. For vetting and in general operation please refer to this page:


It is not complete around operations but it will give you some basic understanding what to expect.

i have conducted several captures of the ISS satellite,sir. i only provided an example of “pending” in the first test and asked what is meant by “pending” on status and what parameters indicate that the test is proceeding as it should?

when i capture data from passing satellites, the status is always pending. is it supposed to be like that sir?

this is for the example result sir,

actually, i am still confused about what the success parameters are for capturing satellite data. What important things should i pay attention to in order to support the implementation of this satellite data capture experiment? or do u have an example of data from satellite data capture?and may i see it,sir?

So, step by step.
PENDING will appear for all future observation and during the observation.
The colour and text will switch after the observation is finished.
If was no signal from satellite or the signal was not decode (example, voice signals from ISS), the colour will be ORANGE and text will be UNKNOWN.
If the station receive solid signal with data and decode data (you can see data appearing during the reception), the colour status will change to GREEN and the text to GOOD.
All those information you can find here:
Operation - SatNOGS Wiki
Omnidirectional Station How To - SatNOGS Wiki

Just to add some info on the rest of the comments (thx @SA2KNG and @yo4dft).

In order to get demodulated data you need 3 factors:

  1. There is a demodulator on client for the satellite’s transmitter you observe, for example FSK is one well supported modulation
  2. Satellite transmits signals
  3. The station being able, having the proper SNR (signal noise ratio), to demodulate the signal.

For example in SatNOGS Network - Observation 9689524 1st factor is satisfied, we have demodulator for AFSK, but there is no signal so 2nd factor isn’t satisfied. So we don’t expect any data to be demodulated.

Another example in SatNOGS Network - Observation 9687893 1st factor is satisfied, same transmitter with your observation. Also satellite transmits, we can see plenty signals in the watefall, so 2nd factor is satisfied. If the SNR is good we expect to see data, as you can see we have 15 frames, which means that from the visible signals only 15 had the right SNR to be demodulated and satisfy the 3rd factor.