Observation 967199: FALCONSAT 3 (30776)

Regarding Observation 967199

What could be happening here? I’ve already confirmed that it is NOT FalconSat-3. This is ONLY happening with FS-3, not any other UHF satellites.

The only changes thus far are I have installed an RTL-SDR.com wideband LNA, and I have been experimenting with the “RF Gain” parameter and the pre/post observation scripts (to turn on and off the bias-t voltage). So far, it doesn’t seem like the LNA is turning on so I will remove it from the system and test it seperately later today or tomorrow. This may or may not be related to the FS-3 observations.


Just a comment on the LNA. You need to have a good length of coax after the LNA before the SDR. (Some db of loss). If you put the LNA right next to the SDR, then no matter what gain settings you have, it will still overload and almost oscillate and cause issues.

Yes, the LNA is located at the antenna in the attic. The RTL-SDR is located one story below on a shelf in my garage.

However, the point is moot. I just did a bench test with GQRX and the LNA, and it is completely dead. the RTL-SDR is putting out 4.5V, but there is no change in signal strength with the bias-t turned on. I’ll be opening up the LNA later to see if there are any obvious issues. If not, it was only $20.

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