Observation 959568: M6P (44109)

Regarding Observation 959568

Can I know what was the other signal apart from the satellite in the background? I could see them drifting as well? Can someone tell me about what does the waterfall indicates?

Thanks in advance!!

The horizontal stripes are the FSK packets from M6P. It also appears to transmit Morse code (CW), which are the bright vertical signals around 70s and 260 seconds into the observations.

The curved lines in the background are stationary signals near your radio. The curve they show is due to the Doppler corrections which have been applied to correct for the motion of the satellite.


That was well explained and I appreciate it.

It would be good if you could say about the received data as well, is it the telemetry data? How can I proceed next with the obtained data? Do I need to use some software for processing the data and what does the numbers tell about? Something on the health of the satellite like battery levels etc?

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Your station has demodulated the data, and the digital data can now be decoded. Depending on the telemetry format, you may find a decoder on the SatNOGS wiki at https://wiki.satnogs.org/Decode_Telemetry_and_Packets.

For some satellites, SatNOGS is able to decode the packets and show the decoded telemetry on a dashboard. See https://wiki.satnogs.org/Telemetry_Dashboards for more information.

All the demodulated packets are stored in the SatNOGS database: https://db.satnogs.org/

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So from my understanding using the decoder, we can decode the demodulated data into digital data which gives information on the satellite status?

That is clear for me now. Thank you for your precious time. It was very useful.

Yes, but only if the satellite owner has published information on how the data is decoded.

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Are there any possibilities to eliminate those stationary radio signals in the background? For most of my ground station observations, I could see the strong signals from those radios in the background of the waterfall?